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Netzwerk für Mehrsprachigkeit und sprachliche Vielfalt in Europa Network for multilingualism and linguistic diversity in Europe Omrežje za večjezičnost in jezikovno raznolikost v Evropi Réseau pour le multilinguisme et la diversité linguistique en Europe Netwurk foar meartalichheid en taalferskaat Netwerk voor meertaligheid en taalverscheidenheid Netværk for flersprogethed og sproglig mangfoldighed i Europa Monikielisyyden ja kielellisen monimuotoisuuden verkosto Euroopassa Syć za wjacerěčnosć a rěčnu mnohotosć w Europje La red para el multilinguismo y la diversidad linguística en Europa La rete per il multilingualismo e la diversità linguistica in Europa Rëi de liamënt por le plurilinguism y les desvalianzes linguistiches tl’Europa


The network intends to foster multilingualism and linguistic diversity in Europe with a strong focus on regional and minority languages (RML). Its main aim is to promote the European objective of multilingualism, according to which each European citizen should learn two additional languages beside his/her mother tongue.
European regional and minority languages are considered a natural resource of bilingualism and multilingualism, whose potential should be exploited to achieve the European objective and to trigger positive effects on linguistic diversity.The final aim of the network is to become a competence centre on regional and minority languages and on multilingual regions.
During its first years of activity the network will develop scenarios for language transmission in the context of European multilingualism by taking into consideration minority languages in Germany, Denmark, Austria, Belgium and Italy. The scenarios elaborated by the project will serve for the transfer of results to other multilingual regions as well as the dissemination of scientific results and practical suggestions among decision-makers and professionals. They will be integrated by studies in the fields of early language learning, languages in adult education and language proficiency testing and certification.


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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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